Friday, October 18, 2013

Week 6 - Hai Anh Nguyen

During this week's class, we had professional game designers come in and test out all of our games. From what i heard from Trisha, everyone seemed to enjoy our game very much. When i played our game with one of the guest player, she mentioned how although the game may not be perfect yet, it is still very much enjoyable. Even though the game is complex and have multiple things happening at the same, it is very easy to learn. It seems as if most of the prior problems we had before, such as the length of the game, has been addressed and fixed. After hearing comments like that, I felt it was totally worth the long hours of compiling all of the cards together and the hours we put in as a group during our regular weekly meet ups.

The main challenge that i saw during this whole entire process was balancing the game because there were different effects on different characters. However, the process of smoothing out these problems was very easy because everyone in the group contributed equally to the game. Before last class, we met again on Friday and play tested it for the last time. However, because we were in constant contact with one another over text, the meeting went very smoothly. It did not take long because we fixed all of the character flaws before meeting up. Therefore we only needed to use this last meeting to figured out the final presentation details, such as where to print and how to print it.

There is nothing I can say about my group members besides how great it was to work with them. We all contributed something unique to this game. Trisha was the brain behind the operation. She would come up with the values of the cards to balance out the game and added many great ideas, including the brothel. Isaac would also provide the group with solutions because this game came about from his proposal. He was always the one who gave us multiple outlooks and solutions to pick from. I was in charge of the graphics of the card and Mihaly was the lovely chaos player who pointed out the flaws within our game. Together as a whole, we worked really well with one another. When there were problems, there were never any arguments. Everyone was very calm and collected and was very efficient in dealing with the problems. We would brainstorm and discuss the possible solutions and then pick which one would be the best for the game. The chemistry between us four surpassed the original expectations I had when I first met them.

I can say for us all that we are very proud of the game that we have created. We even joked about taking turn holding onto the cards and teaching our other friends how to play it. This might be biased to say but I think we have one of the best game in the class. This again is something that I am very proud of.

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